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Milbank Mills, Inc.
1 Brunswick Street
Chillicothe, Missouri  64601
Milbank Mills, Inc.
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187200              Style 7750TH Lined Leather Palm Gloves                   
187300              Style 608T Lined Cow Hide Gloves                            
187500              Style 7792 Brown Jersey Gloves                           
187600              Style 2207 Yellow Chore Gloves                          
187800              Style 430PL Insulated Gloves                               
188600              Style 7731L Leather Palm Gloves                         
188900              Style 397 Camo Gripper Gloves                          

Baler and Binder Twines
13650D             Premium Plastic 1 Ball Baler Twine (20,000')      
13660D             Premium Plastic 2 Ball Baler Twine (9,000')           
13310D             Premium Sisal 9,000' Twine (2 Ball)                      
13210D             Sisal 6 Ball Binder Twine                                  
13530D             Sisal 4 Ball Roto-Baler Twine (750')                 
13680D             Silage Film 30" x 5,000'                                     
13690D             Netwrap 64" x 7,000'                                             

TWINE DISCOUNTS:  Deduct $1/Bale for 10 Bale Orders

All twines are guaranteed to perform satisfactorily.  For any that do not, the unused portion can be returned for replacement or full credit!

Miscellaneous Supplies
12098D             Dust Mask (Complete)                                    
12088D             Replacement Filters for Dust Mask                  
12028D             54" Sorting Pole                                                   
12038D             48" Sorting Pole                                                   
12108D             Disposable Dust Masks (Individual)                     
12108D             Disposable Dust Masks (Case of 30)                  

A 151 year old, family and employee
owned business, serving agriculture
in Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas,
since 1867.
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Milbank Mills, Inc.
1 Brunswick Street
P.O. Box 763
Chillicothe, Missouri  64601

Toll Free - 1-800-892-2488
Fax: 1-660-646-6662
Silver Moon Feeds
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