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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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35731P Non-GMO Lactator 40 Supplement

(Supplement for Lactating Dairy Goats and Dairy Cattle)

Crude Protein, minimum - 40.00%
(This includes not more than 12.00% equivalent protein from non-protein nitrogen)
Crude Fat, minimum - 2.40%
Crude Fiber, maximum - 6.50%
Acid Detergent Fiber, maximum - 8.00%
Calcium, minimum - 2.30%
Calcium, maximum - 3.30%
Phosphorus, minimum - 1.00%
Salt, minimum - 3.00%
Salt, maximum - 4.00%
Copper, minimum - 20 ppm
Copper, maximum - 40 ppm
Selenium, minimum - 2.60 ppm
Vitamin A, minimum - 27,000 IU/lb.

To obtain maximum production from genetically superior animals, the use of a 16% protein grain mix is recommended.  When using shelled corn, mix 525 lbs. of Non-GMO Lactator 40 Supplement Pellets with 1,475 lbs. shelled corn.  Any molasses used in a ration should be counted as grain.
Feed the complete 16% dairy ration according to quality of roughage and production per animal condition.  Under normal conditions with good quality roughage feed:
For Dairy Cattle:
Jersey - 1 lb. feed per 2 lbs. milk
Guernsey - 1 lb. feed per 2.5 lbs. milk
Holstein - 1 lb. feed per 3 lbs. milk
For Dairy Goats it is recommended 2.5 to 4 lbs. daily per head.
When good quality roughage is not available, additional pouds of Silver Moon Non-GMO Dairy 40% Lactator Supplement Pellets must be fed.  Keep fresh water and Silver Moon Phosforall before animals at all times.

Do not feed to sheep. Contains added copper.
Milbank Mills, Inc.
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Silver Moon Mill
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