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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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33731M 40% Swine Mixing EX Meal

(For all swine animal classes)

Crude Protein, minimum - 40.00%
Lysine, minimum - 2.10%
Crude Fat, minimum - 1.10%
Crude Fiber, maximum - 7.50%
Calcium, minimum - 3.50%
Calcium, maximum - 4.50%
Phosphorus, minimum - 1.50%
Salt, minimum - 1.75%
Salt, maximum - 2.25%
Selenium, minimum - 0.30 ppm
Zinc, minimum - 425 ppm

Mix according to the below directions:  this feed is not recommended for feeding unless mixed with grain. Contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.

For fattening hogs, mix Silver Moon 40% Swine Mixing EX Meal with grain according to the weight of the hogs, as follows:
25-50 Pounds: 1 part supplement to 2.5 parts grain (600 lbs. to 1,400 lbs.) for an 18% protein
50-100 Pounds: 1 part supplement to 3.5 parts grain (450 lbs. to 1,550 lbs.) for a 16% protein
100-150 Pounds: 1 part supplement to 5 parts grain (325 lbs. to 1,675 lbs. for a 14% protein
150-200 Pounds: 1 part supplement to 9 parts grain (200 lbs. to 1,800 lbs. for a 12% protein

For bred sows and gilts:  Hand feed 1 lb. supplement and 4 lbs. grain per head per day

For lactating Sows:  Full feed a mixture of 1 part supplement and 4 parts grain.

For sows: Add 10 lbs. per ton of Silver Moon Med-I-Mix #13 (Folic Acid - Biotin) to supply extra levels of these vitamins.

Full feed the above mixture, except to bred sows and gilts, where hand-feeding is recommended.  In most cases, it is advisable to keep hogs from 150 pounds to market on a 14% protein ration.  Although this feed contain ample amounts of minerals to meet nutritional needs, it is always a good management practice to keep plenty of fresh water and Silver Moon Mineral available for best results.
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