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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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31111C Bird Beginner Granules


Crude Protein, minimum - 25.00%
Lysine, minimum - 1.40%
Methionine, minimum - 0.40%
Crude Fat, minimum - 2.85%
Crude Fiber, maximum - 5.50%
Calcium, minimum - 1.10%
Calcium, maximum - 1.60%
Phosphorus, minimum - 0.75%
Salt, minimum - 0.20%
Salt, maximum - 0.70%

Feed as the sole ration for birds from one day old to the age of eight weeks.  At eight weeks, change to Natural Choice Bird Booster for developing laying birds, or continue on Bird Beginner for meat birds.  It is suggested that birds be given acess to granite grit, and fresh water should be kept available at all times.  For broilers, full feed the first six days after hatching; on the morning of the 6th day, remove feed for 12 hours each evening, and continue restricting feed, by removing feeders during the 12 hours of night, until slaughter.  For the first six weeks, a vitamin-electrolyte pack, added to drinking water, is recommended, as a preventative measure, for best results.
Milbank Mills, Inc.
Milbank Mills, Incorporated
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Silver Moon Mill
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